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What is a ghost?

Unfortunately, I do not have permission to post about my first investigation. So, we will turn our attention to one of the most important questions of a ghost hunter and investigator.

What is a ghost?

Since science doesn’t believe in ghosts, this is a hard question to answer. There are various definitions.

Some would define a ghost as the soul of a human.  Others would just say a spirit. I know of at least one person who believes ghosts are just aliens visiting us. The definition would range.

To me, a ghost is the energy of someone who has passed. Science tells us energy cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore, when we die, where does our energy- or our soul- go? That is a question I have not yet answered. What are your thoughts on ghosts?

Tour Experience

My next experience was at the Charleston Jailhouse. I was on tour with about 9-11 other people. We got to the staircase that has 13 stairs. The tour guide told us that stepping on the 13th step was bad luck, and they would advise us to step over it. I ignored the warning, and stepped on all 13 steps. We entered the next room. I became horribly light-headed, and almost fainted. At the same time, everybody who had a camera or video-camera-their batteries drained. Every camera and video-camera turned off, no matter how much battery they had left. After we left the Jailhouse, they all turned back on.

First Experience

I completely believe in ghosts. My first experience was an unexplained laugh. I was 16, working at my first job. I was working at an amusement park, and was helping close up one of the shops. I left before the manager, and right behind the shop is a small, dark space. The music, which had been playing, cut off, making it around 11:00 pm, Eastern time. As I was walking towards the front of the park, I clearly heard the laugh of a child. It was loud enough that I looked around, trying to find the kid. I never did, and no kid was found.